Monday, November 16, 2009

Brick Selection

Who would have thought that brick selection would be so difficult. After our tender acceptance Wisdom told us to go out to either Boral or Austral and select a brick for our house. Well sounds easy doesn't it...

Our tender price meant we limited ourselves with our brick selection in that we would be selecting from the included range or the next range above to save some $$. Well it seemed me and Dawn at first were liking the total opposite colours which is not a good start in the selection process. We found a few bricks we liked at Boral, they gave us a few addresses of houses with the same bricks so that we could see what they looked like. This we felt was a great idea and after seeing what they looked like it made us change our opinion of what we wanted and liked. It is very deceptive looking at the small displays compared to a complete house in the brick. So after a little frustrating times we both agreed on a brick "Boral Blackheath" and found a house in Ropes Crossing with the same which we basically used as a starting point for our external colour selection. This made it a lot easier as now we could visualise the brick colour together with the windows, garage door and roof tiles we liked.

Bricks Boral 'Blackheath'