Sunday, December 6, 2009

Colour Appointment with Wisdom

Yesterday we had our colour consultation with Anita from Wisdom. To our surprise we were all done in a little under 2 hours. We heard some people were spending up to a full day choosing colours. We pretty much new what we wanted for the external colours so it was rather straightforward. We chose black windows which matches the blackheath bricks really well, the only thing is on the inside we will have a very strong contrast with out light coloured interior. In the end we said we can always have curtains and blinds to soften the look of the black windows.

Anita really knows her stuff of what works and what doesn't and the colour schemes she put together for the display homes are what we are after so it all went smoothly. I will have to in another blog let you all know our colour selections. In the mean time the photo below is of our external colours.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Landscape Plan

For approval of our Plans with The Ponds Design Review Panel and Blacktown City Council we needed to provide a Landscape Plan. We decided to do this ourselves and save around $800. I happen to have AutoCAD at work and with my work as an engineer I also had some basic knowledge of how to use it. So after looking at a few examples and spending hours on the Internet researching trees and plants we had an idea of what we were going to do with our landscaping now just had to transfer all that to AutoCAD.

I was working on the landscape plan for just over a month, doing a little bit each night, and needed to have it finished by the 4/12 so that it could be included with the submission to The Ponds DRP. The last week was hectic with a few late nights trying to finish it all off in time. Our plant selection focused around native plants and I made sure all the DRP requirements were included and noted on the drawing. In the end the Landscape Plan was finished and we were quite happy with it, fingers crossed it passes The Ponds DRP. I will have to upload a picture of it in a later post.