Sunday, September 27, 2009

House Upgrade and Extras

Here is a brief summary of upgrades and extras we have chosen for our Providence 24 MkII.
- Florence Facade
- Rendered painted finish to front facade columns
- Timber effect colour grain garage door
- "New Lifestyle" Package
- 8"6' ceiling height
- Raked ceiling to kitchen/dining area
- Upgrade front entry door
- Upgrade internal doors
- Upgrade lighting including down lights, pendant lights and external up/down lights
- "Designer Kitchen Upgrade"
- Provide overhead kitchen cupboards
- Provide appliance cupboard and upgrade pantry unit
- Upgrade vanity basins

The extras we will be doing ourselves after handover include painting the feature walls, installing air conditioning, driveway and landscaping, ceaserstone for the niches and installing shutters and blinds.

The next phase is the Plans, being an engineer myself I am eagerly awaiting the house plans...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tender Accepted

Today we went into Wisdom to finalise our tender and negotiate the final tender price. The tender was looking okay with all our extras included but the price was on the upper end of our budget. After agreeing with everything in the tender we asked for a $831 discount to round the figure to an even whole amount, but to our disappointment this was rejected after a call to head office. This left us quite disappointed, but in the end it is the house we want and therefore we accepted the tender and paid the next installment to have our plans produced.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Tender Price received

After waiting patiently for our tender price to come back from Wisdom we were quite disappointed with what we received. The total price was some $22k more than the initial quote given to us. As we then looked through the tender, we some how had inclusions that we didn't even ask for and some that are only relevant to a double story house, ours is a single story house. So the first tender received was pretty much useless.

Today we received the 'updated' tender price which looks a lot better. But still the total is not right. I thought I would double check the figures and what do you know, the total I calculate for all our inclusions is $1,350 less than what they have on the tender. Well back to Wisdom to get it right before we can sign off on the tender and start the preparation of the plans.