Thursday, June 25, 2009

Land Purchase

It was a cold, foggy morning in front of The Ponds display village when we arrived at 7:00am. We were eleventh on the list and with 28 blocks to be released that morning at 10am we were a little unsure if the blocks we were interested in would be available. What was surprising was that people had been camping out for 3 days/nights to be the first ones on the list, now that's dedication.

So with time approaching the price list was made available and to our surprise the prices for the blocks were a little higher than previous releases in The Ponds. We had our eye on a few blocks we were interested in that were within our budget. The slow process of calling in the people off the list wasn't as nerve racking as we thought it would of been. The blocks were slowly being crossed off that had been purchased before us and luckily for us the ones we were looking at were still available. Next we are called in to the office and select Lot No. 5222. Within 5 minutes we have purchased our block of land. Let the adventure begin...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Welcome to our blog


My partner and I are new to the blogging scene, we hope that our blog "Peter and Dawns Dream Home" is interesting for all to enjoy. Our aim for the blog is to document our progress in building our dream home, and share with others the experience. So here we go...