Saturday, July 4, 2009

TV Super Stars

Well where do we start... Dawn and I were out today at HomeWorld in Kellyville looking at display homes. We were there for only maybe 10 minutes, looking at the AVJennings Homes when we walked out of a home and noticed a camera man and reporter out the front. We looked at each other and said "what's going on there" and as we walked past they asked if they could ask us a few questions and before you know it we are chatting away answering a load of questions. The questions were all to do with the First Home Buyer Grant and the housing market, all something we really didn't know much about at the time. So after finishing off the interview we both looked at each other and said "Oh my goodness, we are going to be on TV." The first thing Dawn does is call her mum to let her know she is famous and to make sure she watches channel 7 news tonight. Stardom had hit maybe 2 mins after when we were like, 'I'm so glad I had make up on today, I'm so glad I had my new shirt on and my hair was done'. It was quite surreal, all we could focus on was being on TV.

So there we are at home on a Saturday night eagerly awaiting the start of channel 7 news when before you know it, 2nd story in and there we are our faces on the news. Dawn had the speaking role, for which I am still being heckled about by my brothers for not speaking. Within a minute both our mobiles were going off with people seeing us on the TV. It's a tough life being a TV Super Star...To be continued.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Land Contract Signed

Our appointment with the solicitors was yesterday to sign our land contract. It started out with 'April' our legal expert, explaining all the scary stuff to us. The contract side of it seemed all straight forward. An hour and a half later of chit chat, ink went to paper and the land was officially ours. Well technically not yet, it had to be signed by Landcom as well. So Dawn and I signed our names ("Pete make sure to leave room for me") and handed over the cheque with our 5% deposit.

We marked the day with a celebration dinner at a fine Italian restaurant in Parramatta. We went all out with champagne and wine and enjoyed an Italian feast. We thought we would treat ourselves as now we have to make sure to save the $$ so that we can build our 'Dream home at The Ponds'.